Cooking for Health

This is a weekly event, running on Sunday from June 30, 2013 through July 28, 2013. 4:00 PM 1730 Winston Section Rd, Winston, OR 97496
Our health is benefited by the nutrition in the food we eat. Learn about new choices we can make in the way we cook which will improve our lives. With good health, vibrant energy, and clear thought our lives will be desirable to live. Join us for five classes that take a look at topics such as: weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. There will also be nutritious dishes demonstrated that favor good health. For the recipes shown there will be small samples given. Come and learn how to eat to your health. Starting on Sunday, June 30, at 4:00, they will be held at the Winston Seventh-day Adventist church - fellowship hall.
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